Veeam backup & replication overview

Veeam backup & replication overview.

Veeam is agent free mufti visor supports Windows 2012 .
65000 customers not a fit for everyone. If mainly physical infrastructure not a fit.
Easy to use and affordable.

Veeam backup & replication overview

Veeam backup & replication overview

Best tech ed. Now has cloud addition
Version 7 now out.
2 in 1 backup.
Can do backup & replication all in license.
Reduplication first pass fixed block length. Per job global and part of the job.
VMware supports CBT increased backup speeds.
Vpower came out in 2010 allows VMS to be ran directly from the backup file.
Presents data-store and allows from instant recovery to be backup in less then 2 minutes. All automated.
Makes testing and recovery easier.
Universal application recovery can recover specific parts of an app.
One click restore. Searches across all backups instantly.
Has a a Veeam zip is like an zip for VMs can zip virtual machines easily.

Has exchange offline backup ability.

Veeam explorer for San snapshots can do recovery storage level restore.
Supports 2010 . 2013 to be supported soon.

Has free addition.

Built in WAN acceleration.
leading features
Isolated area
Sure backup enabled
Can delegate from web interface.

Does have tape support.
Tape devices that has windows driver’s lto3 and up.
Use Microsoft tape support to work.
If you can see it in device manager can back it up from free addition

Nt backup can write system files to tape.

Cloud plugin. Virtual cloud backup.
Use DR center for testing and sand boxing.

Full IFLR supporting Linux on HyperV

Has standard and enterprising licensing. 3 additions. Get enterprise plus automatically.

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