Top 5 Backup Software

5  Backup Exec

Yes after BE’s many iterations its still around and work in some semblance to actually function as a backup software. Its capabilities now go back many years and does still serve as a decent backup system but reason for the low ranking is its tech support can be slow and horrid.

Top 5 Backup Software

Top 5 Backup Software

The interface of BE is still basically the same but its has some awesome storage capabilities that let you actually have additional visibility to allow for better management in a single pane f glass.

  1. Commvault

Is a descent software with great reporting but can be pricey. Its enterprise class block level backups can work great if all your considering changes are the deltas. When you look at how many years it’s been around it makes commvault a mature player in this field.

The interface is nicely done with many extras to boot. You can actually launch and remediate directly from the interface which makes it a very nice feature. If the price pint came down this product might become a major player.

  1. Acronis

After proving itself in the p to v space Acronis can hold its own when comes to long term off site capabilities and its price pint is desct so it won’t break the bank. Acronis also has a tremendous ability to image new and used machines to leverage enterprise wide desktop images.

The interface can be clunky at times but is continuing improving which makes points in our book. You can remediate form the reporting piece which form a backup admin standpoint can give you insight that you may of never had. Overall good product and support is excellent.

  1. AppAssure is now Rapid Recovery

Dell wrote this code now Quest has revamped it to make it a leaner meaner backup champ and its price point is pretty good compared to others. Dell offers tremendous support for this backup software and is still a great low overhead solution regardless of the name change.

Dell has made tremendous strides with this solution but still needs further work in the file to file transfer rates which at time fall well short of anything its competitor in the number one sot offers.

  1. Veeam

Is the top dog in the 5 list competition. Its speed and reversibility combined with its disaster recovery capabilities make it top notch! Veeam has won numerous award and now ith maturing into the enterprise class of storage it makes it that much more winner. Veeam and its wan accelerators are a tremendous value add to any backup infrastructure.

Veeam with its cloud connect to AWS and Azure make it a advanced product in our eyes. With virtual tapes that can be included on the fly makes Veeam a great affordable solution. When looking at off site DR Veeam is second to none with wan accelerators to facilitate fast offsite storage solution for near time recovery for BAAS.


You will want to evaluate these backup and disaster recovery solutions for yourself and know that it only really counts when production is down and you absolutely have to recover.


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