Active Directory Migration

Active Directory Migration

Active Directory Migration

Active Directory Migration from desktop to server.

Step one plan and realize everything involved with the migration process. There is the ADMT tool form Microsoft which will bring users and computers into a new OU or child domain on the receiving domain.

For the end user and pcs I would Highly recommend the ForsenIT tool which will move the user profile and join to new domain and also seek out Exchange and active directory.

This can be scripted from old domain logon with options to change password or give generic password on the receiving domain.

Active Directory Migration is a huge undertaking just know it is possible with the proper planning and up front work.

I highly recommend testing in the Lab as much as possible to emulate your current environment that way you don’t miss anything.

As the actual day for your Active Directory Migration gets closer I suggest you communicate 7 days out and try and plan possibley over a holiday weekend where you may have your user base trickle back in and your IT department can handle the desktops visits in a more seamless way.

Good luck and remember to test as much as possible, oh by the way we used Hyper V for this and it was a great way to stand up and tear down servers to test your different scenarios. I would recommend haveing in a few test PCs with Windows 7 or whatever your desktop environment is running to make sure you can migrate in a seamless way.

Again good luck and know it is doable with Planning and communication.

Have a great day in IT.


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