Migrating Printers 2008 R2

Migrating Printers 2008 R2

Migrating printers is straight forward with a few gotcha yas to watch out for. When migrating between servers which when we think about it would be a huge task but Microsoft has a built in feature to assist with this called print manager in roles area of Windows server 2008 r2.

Migrating Printers 2008 R2

Migrating Printers 2008 R2

When running this we caught error do to disk space and ultimately had to clear space by getting rid of old logs and old terminal server user profiles. The tool still would not run from source to target from the source server. We had to run the tool itself from the target server and point at the source after the space was cleared. This was found to work after much trial and error.

Bottom line seems like the tool need to have plenty of space and of course depending on the number of printers you are migrating. In our case above 1 gb of space needed and we have more them estimating 40 printers.

One thing of note that you before you start this process add a printer and share it and load up some drivers as for some reason the tool works better once this initial printer is in place.


Printer Server Move 2008r2

talks more about it.

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