Single File Restore in Veeam

Hi guys this is how to do the single file restore in Veeam.

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam


This is why we haven’t done yet you’ve done all VM but not a single file restore. Restoring a single files is a little bit different. If you need help with any backup just recovery needs to give us a shout at AdvancedNetworkers.Com



When you load everything up you can see that were on the 9.5 interface. From the home screen you basically have all the other options. See other videos on Veeam Backup as far as the repository in restoring other VMS . Today We are restoring this from this file or a Windows machine or Windows VM that was backed up. But if it was Linux you would choose Linux here Even though you’re restoring a single file.


Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

This is where it might get a little confusing, especially if you’ve never done a single file restore through Veeam and its single file restore. The other thing that gets a little Wonky as it gets to a point where you don’t know If the drive is mounting, essentially because it mounts on it what’s called a mount server. Veeam mounts the VM and that’s what allows you to essentially pluck the file off it or retrieve it. When it does this process it almost feels like it’s starting to restore the whole VM. It may just be me but it feels like the entire VM is being restored without warning, but in fact it’s it is just a single file and this is the process that uses to mount it.

When you do this process a couple times it’s fine but the first time you’re sitting there waiting and kind of wondering what’s going on but you can watch the og files that’s the beauty of Veeam to see actually what’s going on.

In test case it’s a Windows machine so takes a few minutes to mount up. If I level restore dialog window will pop up. It’s probably a good idea if you’re the backup administrator to check these backups regularly to make sure they are laying down correctly test monthly if not more just to make sure do you have a good backup, it’s one thing to restore complete VM but it’s another thing to restore single file and make sure it’s not corrupted and you can open it and make sure that the backup software is doing its job. There are automated restore options in Veeam but the best way to actually test the files is to test them kind of manually like you’ll see here.

Test restores are really important to do as you never know if they file might be corrupt or or something may have happened to it so its important to do on a if not weekly, at least a monthly basis to really verify the integrity of your backups. It may be an integral part of a database you want to make sure that file is intact and functioning correctly and that get damaged possibly during the backup process or possibly it’s damaged prior to being backed up

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

Click next here>

This is where you’re looking at some of these screens and it may seem like it’s taking while but it’s actually talking to the back-end database and kind of loading things up so you have to be patient.

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

Depending on your network speed and if your database is local or not and may take a little bit of time to pre-populate the next field as shown below.

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

This is a really nice feature of Veeam you can go back several days you can set your incremental backup restore if you’d like or you can go to the full restore if you have problems restoring from the incremental. You may have to go back to the full if you have trouble pulling you know the single file. That’s again the beauty of the software being able to have some flexibility in this regard as to where the date and time and point you restore from.

Click next>

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

It’s always important to give a reason here in this place case will put test but if another administrator comes along and needs to know why the restore happened or maybe it’s for auditing purposes you could put a help desk ticket number here which is a really good idea that way moving forward you always have a kind of a tracking of what’s been going on.

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

It’s basically saying it’s going to mount it right here so we’re going to go ahead and hit finish here. This is the part that can actually take a while and you’re kind of wondering what’s going on I just urge you to be patient and just know that you can monitor things here as seen in this screenshot and actually see what the logs are kind of doing in the back end, that’s the beauty of Veeam.

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

As you can see here again that’s the beauty of software you can see the log files and that actually it is doing something here it’s got to a point where it’s mounting the restore point rather than just kind of not really knowing what’s going on and sitting at a point where you think maybe everything is stalled.

Other software is not quite so telling as to what’s going on as you can see here the restore point and it’s getting ready to move on to the next step.

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

Okay it’s finished you it up mounted up into what’s called a backup browser which Veeam proprietary software I believe and allows you to view the files here and allows you to drill down into them and kind of pluck out the file you need. Again be patient as this backup browser loads, especially the first time you run it it has to pull information out of the database and kind of compile everything for your view here so again patience is key.

Looks just like file explorer in Windows and you can start drilling down on the left hand side to find the file you want to restore In this test case we got a temp folder here most everybody has a temp folder and we have a file in here called Check2log to they were going to restore to the desktop.

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

At this point you can select to restore overwrite or keep which is not super intuitive, but override essentially is saying it’s going to lay it down on the original location and overwrite anything that may be there. Keep will just lay down a second copy to the original location and keep whatever maybe there, it’s not super intuitive, It should give you more information here but it really doesn’t, hopefully in future versions it will say something like you know it’s restoring to original location. In this case we’re just going to copy it to the desktop.

Single File Restore in Veeam

Single File Restore in Veeam

So we’re going to go ahead and restore it to the desktop here the other part I’d like to do here is preserve permissions which is way easier than trying to reset a bunch of permissions trying to figure out who had permissions to what, so I think that’s an important check mark to use again you can utilize it however you like I please leave a comment if you have different ideas.

Single File Restore in Veeam

5555 Single File Restore in Veeam

Caution> Use at own risk as the restore is starting and make sure to double check what you are restoring and where. Say ok here and yes again you do have to wait as it actually pulls the file from the mount server and places it to where you told it and make sure they permissions are they down correctly at least you again you do have some indication what’s going on here

As you can see here now I copied it to the desktop it’s 100% done. During our the first time we ran this it did take a while to get to a point for this to say finish so again be patient here as it mounts things up.

As you can see here now it’s restored/copied to the desktop and at this point you can take it and copy it to a network folder that the user has access to, or place it wherever you need it so and then you can clean up your desktop afterwards.

This has been a windows Veeam single file restore. Hoping to do more of these in future please visit for more information.

Have a Great Day,

Bradley Taft

Top 5 Backup Software

5  Backup Exec

Yes after BE’s many iterations its still around and work in some semblance to actually function as a backup software. Its capabilities now go back many years and does still serve as a decent backup system but reason for the low ranking is its tech support can be slow and horrid.

Top 5 Backup Software

Top 5 Backup Software

The interface of BE is still basically the same but its has some awesome storage capabilities that let you actually have additional visibility to allow for better management in a single pane f glass.

  1. Commvault

Is a descent software with great reporting but can be pricey. Its enterprise class block level backups can work great if all your considering changes are the deltas. When you look at how many years it’s been around it makes commvault a mature player in this field.

The interface is nicely done with many extras to boot. You can actually launch and remediate directly from the interface which makes it a very nice feature. If the price pint came down this product might become a major player.

  1. Acronis

After proving itself in the p to v space Acronis can hold its own when comes to long term off site capabilities and its price pint is desct so it won’t break the bank. Acronis also has a tremendous ability to image new and used machines to leverage enterprise wide desktop images.

The interface can be clunky at times but is continuing improving which makes points in our book. You can remediate form the reporting piece which form a backup admin standpoint can give you insight that you may of never had. Overall good product and support is excellent.

  1. AppAssure is now Rapid Recovery

Dell wrote this code now Quest has revamped it to make it a leaner meaner backup champ and its price point is pretty good compared to others. Dell offers tremendous support for this backup software and is still a great low overhead solution regardless of the name change.

Dell has made tremendous strides with this solution but still needs further work in the file to file transfer rates which at time fall well short of anything its competitor in the number one sot offers.

  1. Veeam

Is the top dog in the 5 list competition. Its speed and reversibility combined with its disaster recovery capabilities make it top notch! Veeam has won numerous award and now ith maturing into the enterprise class of storage it makes it that much more winner. Veeam and its wan accelerators are a tremendous value add to any backup infrastructure.

Veeam with its cloud connect to AWS and Azure make it a advanced product in our eyes. With virtual tapes that can be included on the fly makes Veeam a great affordable solution. When looking at off site DR Veeam is second to none with wan accelerators to facilitate fast offsite storage solution for near time recovery for BAAS.


You will want to evaluate these backup and disaster recovery solutions for yourself and know that it only really counts when production is down and you absolutely have to recover.



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Backup VM Veeam 9.5

Backup VM Veeam 9.5 : Backup Ops


When preparing to a VM (Virtual Machine) you have to consider many things first. Veeam makes it look simple but there are a few steps to consider first.

Name your job and know you can add multiple vms to it.

Click next to add vms from your connected hypervisor.

You should nw see the vm and the size here

Now chose the proxy and repository (storage location). You can also choose the amount of days to keep your back up. We will leave the advanced button for another day in the advanced class.

The application aware and guest indexing we will also get into that in the advanced training. Click next here.

Try and schedule the job after hours when the vm is not as heavily used by end users. Leave other defaults and click next.

Hit apply and the summary screen will tell you completed successfully.

Congratulations you just created your first backup job with Veeam 9.5. See replated video here or go to for more information..

Migrating Printers 2008 R2

Migrating Printers 2008 R2

Migrating printers is straight forward with a few gotcha yas to watch out for. When migrating between servers which when we think about it would be a huge task but Microsoft has a built in feature to assist with this called print manager in roles area of Windows server 2008 r2.

Migrating Printers 2008 R2

Migrating Printers 2008 R2

When running this we caught error do to disk space and ultimately had to clear space by getting rid of old logs and old terminal server user profiles. The tool still would not run from source to target from the source server. We had to run the tool itself from the target server and point at the source after the space was cleared. This was found to work after much trial and error.

Bottom line seems like the tool need to have plenty of space and of course depending on the number of printers you are migrating. In our case above 1 gb of space needed and we have more them estimating 40 printers.

One thing of note that you before you start this process add a printer and share it and load up some drivers as for some reason the tool works better once this initial printer is in place.


Printer Server Move 2008r2

talks more about it.

Good luck and have a great day in tech.





Active Directory Migration

Active Directory Migration

Active Directory Migration

Active Directory Migration from desktop to server.

Step one plan and realize everything involved with the migration process. There is the ADMT tool form Microsoft which will bring users and computers into a new OU or child domain on the receiving domain.

For the end user and pcs I would Highly recommend the ForsenIT tool which will move the user profile and join to new domain and also seek out Exchange and active directory.

This can be scripted from old domain logon with options to change password or give generic password on the receiving domain.

Active Directory Migration is a huge undertaking just know it is possible with the proper planning and up front work.

I highly recommend testing in the Lab as much as possible to emulate your current environment that way you don’t miss anything.

As the actual day for your Active Directory Migration gets closer I suggest you communicate 7 days out and try and plan possibley over a holiday weekend where you may have your user base trickle back in and your IT department can handle the desktops visits in a more seamless way.

Good luck and remember to test as much as possible, oh by the way we used Hyper V for this and it was a great way to stand up and tear down servers to test your different scenarios. I would recommend haveing in a few test PCs with Windows 7 or whatever your desktop environment is running to make sure you can migrate in a seamless way.

Again good luck and know it is doable with Planning and communication.

Have a great day in IT.


John 16:33:

Veeam backup & replication overview

Veeam backup & replication overview.

Veeam is agent free mufti visor supports Windows 2012 .
65000 customers not a fit for everyone. If mainly physical infrastructure not a fit.
Easy to use and affordable.

Veeam backup & replication overview

Veeam backup & replication overview

Best tech ed. Now has cloud addition
Version 7 now out.
2 in 1 backup.
Can do backup & replication all in license.
Reduplication first pass fixed block length. Per job global and part of the job.
VMware supports CBT increased backup speeds.
Vpower came out in 2010 allows VMS to be ran directly from the backup file.
Presents data-store and allows from instant recovery to be backup in less then 2 minutes. All automated.
Makes testing and recovery easier.
Universal application recovery can recover specific parts of an app.
One click restore. Searches across all backups instantly.
Has a a Veeam zip is like an zip for VMs can zip virtual machines easily.

Has exchange offline backup ability.

Veeam explorer for San snapshots can do recovery storage level restore.
Supports 2010 . 2013 to be supported soon.

Has free addition.

Built in WAN acceleration.
leading features
Isolated area
Sure backup enabled
Can delegate from web interface.

Does have tape support.
Tape devices that has windows driver’s lto3 and up.
Use Microsoft tape support to work.
If you can see it in device manager can back it up from free addition

Nt backup can write system files to tape.

Cloud plugin. Virtual cloud backup.
Use DR center for testing and sand boxing.

Full IFLR supporting Linux on HyperV

Has standard and enterprising licensing. 3 additions. Get enterprise plus automatically.

Have a Great Day

Top keyboard shortcuts

Top keyboard shortcuts

Top keyboard shortcuts

Top keyboard shortcuts

“Time is money”, the term coined by Benjamin Franklin, talks about two US fundamental values, time consciousness and productivity. Therefore, it’s no different when it comes to our computers as it increases productivity and keeps us focused on the task at hand.

The following are several keyboard shortcuts to save you time and energy:

1-      Close Browser:

It’s great if you’re buying a surprise gift for your loved one and they walk in.

        PC: Alt + F4

       Mac: Apple key + Q

2-      Add a Bookmark:

Create a shortcut to your new favorite website.

        PC: Ctrl + D

    Mac: Apple key + D

3-      Change Zoom Level:

It’s beneficial for a word processing program.

PC: Ctrl + scroll mouse wheel

Mac: Apple key + plus sign; Apple key + minus sign

4-      Reopen previous tab in browser:

You don’t have to spend all day to find the browser tab you had accidentally closed.

 PC: Ctrl + Shift + T

Mac: Apple key + Z

5-      Go to a previous location in browser

Allows you to revert back to the previous website you were checking before.

PC: Alt + ←

Mac: Apple key + [

6-      Spelling/Grammar check

No more excuses for grammatical mistakes.

PC or Mac: F7

7-      Delete forever

No need to send it to the recycling bin first.

 PC: Shift + Delete

8-      Add “http://www” to your browser’s address bar

Just type the name of your desired website, press the keys below to add www and com.

PC: Ctrl + Enter

Mac: Apple key + Enter

9-      Show Desktop:

Suppose you have several windows open and want to close them instantly.

PC: Windows key + D

Mac: F11

With enough dedication, they’ll become part of your routine in no time with Top keyboard shortcuts




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Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistake

theodp writes“If he’d had his druthers, Bill Gates told a Harvard audience, Ctrl+Alt+Del would never have seen the light of day. However, an IBM keyboard designer Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistakedidn’t want to give Microsoft a single button to start things up, and thus the iconic three-finger-salute was born.”

Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistake