Battle Pirates 2012

  • Note that the fleet in the first slot moves slower than the rest due to a programming error in the game. That means if you are to repair something, the leftmost slot is to be preferred.
  • To repair your ships faster in the early stages of the game break up your fleet into segments and repair them so that the fleets repair time is less than 5 mins.
    • To do this, remove damaged ships from a fleet until the repair time says less that 5 mins then repair those ships.
    • After you get those ships in the fleet repaired add more damaged ones keeping the time below 5 min so your can use the speed-up feature and complete repairs fast until the fleet is fully repaired.
  • Making ships that have 300 ship health allows you to speed-up repair on them because it needs 5 minutes to repair. If you have a repair officer your ships can have a maximum of 325 health & still have instant repairs.
    • The game repairs at a speed of 1 ship health per second. So, 5 min max time for speed-up feature makes 60 ship health per min equals 5 X 60 = 300 ship health.
    • With the use of the tip above you can repair a fleet of ships, were each ship has less than 300 ship health, that should take close to 25 min in less that 1 min.
    • Subs repair at 1 ship health per 4 seconds.
    • Example 1. Marauder with Titanium I armour 295 armour which is a 4min 55sec repair time.
  • Place ships of less than 300 ship health as the front ships in fleets that are attacking Draconian fleets so they can soak up the damage and have heavier ships following them up to deal the killing blow. This will allow you to keep fleets repaired up and in fighting shape when dealing with most NPC fleets.
  • There is an offline Ship Builder utility available in which different hull configurations can be tested offline. It gives build times, damage, repair time, etc. However, please note that as of the time this was written, the Offline Ship Builder does not incorporate some of the newer specials, or any draconian technology.
  • Timing out battles – If your fleet gets into a battle by mistake with another players fleet both players are able to get out of the battle without taking any damage by each turning their fleets away from each other and staying out of weapon range. Then the players just have to wait 5 mins for the battle to time out.
  • Flipping between ships in ship battles – While in fleet combat you can hit the left and right arrow keys to jump or flip between the ships in your fleet.
  • If your fleet attacks a base, it can hold up to 500% of it’s regular max cargo. That is provided that the base has so much resources.
  • If your fleet is mining and is in danger of being attacked by a Draconian fleet, you can release the resource. Then your fleet won’t be attacked. Afterwards you can easily reclaim the resource and continue mining.
  • A white skull on a resource or salvage fleet means you control a mine or cargo ship, a red skull means it is controlled by another player, and a red dragon on the flag mean’s it is computer controlled. You can very easy take over a salvage fleet or resource that is unoccupied and controlled by another player. Careful though, the other player might not like it.
  • You can hide a fleet under a drac base for an ambush. You can’t be hit that way. Place a bookmark on the Draconian base. After you have set the bookmark… drive the fleet over the drac base, then while it is over the drac base… click the move here button from the bookmark and your fleet will stop under the drac base.
  • The hulls in your fleet don’t appear in the same order in combat as in the dock. In combat the first ship (your flagship) is in the middle. From the rear your ships appear in the order 2, 3 1, 4, 5.

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