Backup VM Veeam 9.5

Backup VM Veeam 9.5 : Backup Ops


When preparing to a VM (Virtual Machine) you have to consider many things first. Veeam makes it look simple but there are a few steps to consider first.

Name your job and know you can add multiple vms to it.

Click next to add vms from your connected hypervisor.

You should nw see the vm and the size here

Now chose the proxy and repository (storage location). You can also choose the amount of days to keep your back up. We will leave the advanced button for another day in the advanced class.

The application aware and guest indexing we will also get into that in the advanced training. Click next here.

Try and schedule the job after hours when the vm is not as heavily used by end users. Leave other defaults and click next.

Hit apply and the summary screen will tell you completed successfully.

Congratulations you just created your first backup job with Veeam 9.5. See replated video here or go to for more information..

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