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Backup VM Veeam 9.5

Backup VM Veeam 9.5 : Backup Ops By When preparing to a VM (Virtual Machine) you have to consider many things first. Veeam makes it look simple but there are a few steps to consider first. Name your job and know you can add multiple vms to it. Click next to add vms from

Migrating Printers 2008 R2

Migrating Printers 2008 R2 Migrating printers is straight forward with a few gotcha yas to watch out for. When migrating between servers which when we think about it would be a huge task but Microsoft has a built in feature to assist with this called print manager in roles area of Windows server 2008 r2.

Active Directory Migration

Active Directory Migration from desktop to server. Step one plan and realize everything involved with the migration process. There is the ADMT tool form Microsoft which will bring users and computers into a new OU or child domain on the receiving domain. For the end user and pcs I would Highly recommend the ForsenIT tool

Bluetooth Watch with Caller Id

Technical Details Vibrates on incoming calls. Display shows name (phone book) & telephone number (Caller Id) Synchronizes with mobile’s contacts (address book). View and Delete contacts via Built-in dial-pad/keyword Main Watch detaches from wrist bracelet and becomes a regular headset to enjoy top quality, crystal clear conversations Answer Calls, Dial Out Calls, Hang-up Calls, Reject

Veeam backup & replication overview

Veeam backup & replication overview. Veeam is agent free mufti visor supports Windows 2012 . 65000 customers not a fit for everyone. If mainly physical infrastructure not a fit. Easy to use and affordable. Best tech ed. Now has cloud addition Version 7 now out. 2 in 1 backup. Can do backup & replication all

Top keyboard shortcuts

Top keyboard shortcuts “Time is money”, the term coined by Benjamin Franklin, talks about two US fundamental values, time consciousness and productivity. Therefore, it’s no different when it comes to our computers as it increases productivity and keeps us focused on the task at hand. The following are several keyboard shortcuts to save you time

Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistake

theodp writes“If he’d had his druthers, Bill Gates told a Harvard audience, Ctrl+Alt+Del would never have seen the light of day. However, an IBM keyboard designer didn’t want to give Microsoft a single button to start things up, and thus the iconic three-finger-salute was born.” Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistake   

Windows 8 operating system features

Title: based interface.. PC and tablet support. Customize your desktop. Real time display. Better shut down.. Not a Complicated process, can simply press Alt f4 and enter to shut down. Repeats everything you touch has built-in narrator.. Sounds to confirm. Helps blind. Snap apps. Do aps while in another program. You can also adjust window size. File history..