Bluetooth Watch with Caller Id

Technical Details

  • Vibrates on incoming calls. Display shows name (phone book) & telephone number (Caller Id)2013-10-09_1622
  • Synchronizes with mobile’s contacts (address book). View and Delete contacts via Built-in dial-pad/keyword
  • Main Watch detaches from wrist bracelet and becomes a regular headset to enjoy top quality, crystal clear conversations
  • Answer Calls, Dial Out Calls, Hang-up Calls, Reject Calls via Built-in Dial-pad/Keyword
  • Anti-Theft feature (Watch vibrates when more than 15 feet away from mobile). Supports 24-HR (only) time display

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Product Details

Product Description

Tired of wearing uncomfortable Bluetooth headsets or having to reach for your mobile phone when calls come in? Try this ultra-modern and comfortable mobile watch that connects to your mobile/cell phone using Bluetooth technology to allow you to answer, dial, and reject calls. Impress your friends with this super high tech gadget when using the built-in quick-release button to detach main watch from wrist bracelet and enjoy top quality, crystal clear conversations. Supports 24-HR (only) Time Display. Extended battery life: 1-2 years.

Veeam backup & replication overview

Veeam backup & replication overview.

Veeam is agent free mufti visor supports Windows 2012 .
65000 customers not a fit for everyone. If mainly physical infrastructure not a fit.
Easy to use and affordable.

Veeam backup & replication overview

Veeam backup & replication overview

Best tech ed. Now has cloud addition
Version 7 now out.
2 in 1 backup.
Can do backup & replication all in license.
Reduplication first pass fixed block length. Per job global and part of the job.
VMware supports CBT increased backup speeds.
Vpower came out in 2010 allows VMS to be ran directly from the backup file.
Presents data-store and allows from instant recovery to be backup in less then 2 minutes. All automated.
Makes testing and recovery easier.
Universal application recovery can recover specific parts of an app.
One click restore. Searches across all backups instantly.
Has a a Veeam zip is like an zip for VMs can zip virtual machines easily.

Has exchange offline backup ability.

Veeam explorer for San snapshots can do recovery storage level restore.
Supports 2010 . 2013 to be supported soon.

Has free addition.

Built in WAN acceleration.
leading features
Isolated area
Sure backup enabled
Can delegate from web interface.

Does have tape support.
Tape devices that has windows driver’s lto3 and up.
Use Microsoft tape support to work.
If you can see it in device manager can back it up from free addition

Nt backup can write system files to tape.

Cloud plugin. Virtual cloud backup.
Use DR center for testing and sand boxing.

Full IFLR supporting Linux on HyperV

Has standard and enterprising licensing. 3 additions. Get enterprise plus automatically.

Have a Great Day

Top keyboard shortcuts

Top keyboard shortcuts

Top keyboard shortcuts

Top keyboard shortcuts

“Time is money”, the term coined by Benjamin Franklin, talks about two US fundamental values, time consciousness and productivity. Therefore, it’s no different when it comes to our computers as it increases productivity and keeps us focused on the task at hand.

The following are several keyboard shortcuts to save you time and energy:

1-      Close Browser:

It’s great if you’re buying a surprise gift for your loved one and they walk in.

        PC: Alt + F4

       Mac: Apple key + Q

2-      Add a Bookmark:

Create a shortcut to your new favorite website.

        PC: Ctrl + D

    Mac: Apple key + D

3-      Change Zoom Level:

It’s beneficial for a word processing program.

PC: Ctrl + scroll mouse wheel

Mac: Apple key + plus sign; Apple key + minus sign

4-      Reopen previous tab in browser:

You don’t have to spend all day to find the browser tab you had accidentally closed.

 PC: Ctrl + Shift + T

Mac: Apple key + Z

5-      Go to a previous location in browser

Allows you to revert back to the previous website you were checking before.

PC: Alt + ←

Mac: Apple key + [

6-      Spelling/Grammar check

No more excuses for grammatical mistakes.

PC or Mac: F7

7-      Delete forever

No need to send it to the recycling bin first.

 PC: Shift + Delete

8-      Add “http://www” to your browser’s address bar

Just type the name of your desired website, press the keys below to add www and com.

PC: Ctrl + Enter

Mac: Apple key + Enter

9-      Show Desktop:

Suppose you have several windows open and want to close them instantly.

PC: Windows key + D

Mac: F11

With enough dedication, they’ll become part of your routine in no time with Top keyboard shortcuts




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