Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistake

theodp writes“If he’d had his druthers, Bill Gates told a Harvard audience, Ctrl+Alt+Del would never have seen the light of day. However, an IBM keyboard designer Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistakedidn’t want to give Microsoft a single button to start things up, and thus the iconic three-finger-salute was born.”

Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistake 


Windows 8 operating system features

Title: based interface.. PC and tablet support. Customize your desktop. Real time display.

Better shut down.. Not a Complicated process, can simply press Alt f4 and enter to shut down.

Repeats everything you touch has built-in narrator.. Sounds to confirm. Helps blind.

Snap apps. Do aps while in another program. You can also adjust window size.

File history.. Backed up older files. Need second hard drive to do this.

Search function.. Type anywhere on desktop. Automatically start search.

USB 3.0.. First compatible Windows OS. 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

To touch keyboards.. Traditional and thumbs keyboard. Predicts text. Auto correct text.cropped-community_related_5.jpg

Windows to go.. Copy settings to USB and use another computer computer.

Windows Live.. Is Live ID on any other computer. Access basic settings anywhere.

Sync settings.. Link Live ID with Microsoft Services. Sync across multiple computers.

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What is cloud computing how can we define it?

What is cloud computing how can we define it? What does and does not constitute a cloud platform or enabling technologies for cloud computing,

Key building blocks

Virtual machines in the last 5 years and VM technology have become cheap ,the main players are VMware,  SWsoft, Microsoft.

What is cloud computing how can we define it?

What is cloud computing how can we define it?

Virtual machines. Factors contributing to rising profile. Multicore 64-bit machines. Hardware assisted virtualization using Intel and AMD runs on modified OS at near native speeds. Integration of the VM Technology into mainstream server OS.

Improves utilization by multiplexing many VMs on one physical host allows deployment and management of services. On demand cloning live migration in checkpoint and improves reliability .

The VM can be self-contained unit of execution and migration. Virtualized storage distributed file system, Google file system, cluster file system, VMware VMFS, XenServer storage pool.

Web services. Soap XML messages webservices description language WS rest, get, put, post,delete for HTTP more lite weight HTTP types of clouds.

Private internal public external off premise third party cloud .

Public cloud publicly accessible self service model access via well-defined published web service access via management portal free or pay per use no ongoing contractor commitment.

Private cloud emulate public cloud on private internal resources give benefit of clouds elasticity dynamic provisioning multiplexing while maintaining control of resources for security & corporate regulatory requirements and governance with options to scale out to public cloud .

Hybrid cloud. Combination of private internal and external cloud resources & cloud bursting to handle flash crowds provision & additional resources from public clouds on demand and release resource when no longer needed and can outsource critical functions.


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FortiGate 20C Consolidated Firewall for SoHo with Bundle

FortiGate 20C Firewall for SoHo with 24×7 Bundle
The fort 20°c is a great product for small office/home the setup is fairly simple using the Wizards which I highly recommend to do. You can easily deploy a highly secure and speedy firewall you can create a DMZ and any other specialty areas you may need within your network. For the price I recommend this firewall for any small office with less than 100 users

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