Welcome to Advanced Networkers Tech Support

Advanced Networkers Tech Support provides Managed Computer Services to many clients in DFW. We have provided managed care for clients of all sizes since the day we opened our doors in 1998.

We manage your entire I.T. (information technology) system so you can do . . . whatever it is you do.

The investment we’ve made in the best people and the best consulting tools available, allows us to provide a level of service and support normally only available to very large companies.

Our relationship with large companies such as HP, Microsoft, and Cisco to name a few allow us to evaluate the newest solutions before they are on the market. This gives us the competitive advantage of helping to develop the next solution your office will be using. Giving you the peace of mind that you ARE working with the experts!

We make it possible for small and medium size businesses (SMB’s) to have a real, fulltime I.T. department with service ticketing, project management, a limited budget, 24×7 monitoring and automated MS security patching of computer systems.

And we do it for less than what most companies are paying for “a computer guy.”

Our suite of solutions do not stop with only managing your systems we can also provide a Total IT package where we provide the hardware and software needed to run your business plus world class support for a low monthly fee.

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